ERIBA scientists at the International Biomedical Conference, Moscow

26 May 2014

Peter Lansdorp, Gerald de Haan and Eugene Berezikov were among the speakers that were invited for the International Conference on “Towards Therapies of the Future” and inaugural session of Skoltech University stem cell and bio-medical research centers. The Conference, held in Moscow on May 26-28, was organized by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and brought together for the first time in Russia world-renowned experts in bio-medical technology.

The keynote speakers were Nobel Laureates Phillip Sharp (1993) and Shinya Yamanaka (2012), together with many other leading scientists in stem cells, RNAi and infectious diseases. The conference also offered an opportunity to explore the scope and the science of Skoltech’s biomedical centers. Peter Lansdorp is the co-Director of the Skoltech Center for Stem Cell Research (SCSCR), which gathers leading scientists of ERIBA/UMCG, Whitehead Institute (MIT/USA), Hubrecht Institute (NL), and Vavilov Institute of General Genetics (Russia).

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