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Ageing Biology and Stem Cells

The general scope of studies in the Laboratory of Ageing Biology and Stem Cells is to further improve our understanding of mechanisms that specify normal hematopoietic stem cell functioning.

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  • Gerald de Haan Visit

    Scientific Co-Director, Group Leader of the Laboratory of Ageing Biology and Stem Cells

    Research fields

    Hematopoietic stem cells, aging, leukemia, genetics, epigenetics

    PhD Students
    Johannes Jung
    Seka Lazare
    Sara Russo Kraus
    Edyta Wojtowicz
    Postdoctoral Fellows
    Mirjam Belderbos
    Research Associates
    Leonid Bystrykh
    Bertien Dethmers
    Ellen Weersing
    Erik Zwart
  • The group is interested in the unique genetic and epigenetic program that distinguishes stem cells from non-stem cells. De Haan’s group uses state-of-the art genomic tools to search for common molecular events in stem cells at distinct phases in hematopoietic development and aging. The team studies how stem cells can be transplanted, and which mechanisms ensure their proper homing and subsequent engraftment to the bone marrow after transplantation. Stem cells are defined by their ability to self-renew and their ability to differentiate into all lineages within a tissue. The group is addressing how stem cell self-renewal alters with age, and how enhance stem cell renewal can be exploitated in stem cell expansion protocols in vivo and in vitro.

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    • Prick J, de Haan G, Green AR, Kent DG. (2014) Clonal heterogeneity as a driver of disease variability in the evolution of myeloproliferative neoplasms. Exp Hematol.
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    • Nanduri LS, Lombaert IM, van der Zwaag M, Faber H, Brunsting JF, van Os RP, Coppes RP. (2013) Salisphere derived c-Kit+ cell transplantation restores tissue homeostasis in irradiated salivary gland. Radiother Oncol.
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  • Aleksandra Rizo-Crcareva. Now Senior Director at Johnson & Johnson, New York, NY

    Alice Gerrits. Now Clinical Chemist, Isala Hospital Zwolle, the Netherlands

    Marta Walasek. Now Research Scientist Stem Cell Technologies, Vancouver, BC

    Karin Klauke. Now post-doc ERIBA, Groningen, the Netherlands

    Evgenia Verovskaya. Now post-doc at USCF, San Fransisco, CA

    Visnja Radulovic. Now post-doc Lund University, Sweden

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