Principal Investigators
Position Group Leader of the Laboratory of Genome Structure and Ageing
Research fields Genomics, Bioinformatics
  • Research Profile
  • Victor Guryev was trained as molecular biologist at Novosibirsk State University and received his PhD from Institute of Cytology and Genetics (Novosibirsk, Russia) in 2002. As a postdoc he joined groups of Prof. Ronald Plasterk and Dr. Edwin Cuppen at Hubrecht Institute to work on discovery and characterization of natural and induced genetic differences in model organism (rat, zebrafish, C. elegans) and characterization of their haplotype structure. Since 2006 his primary interest has been in functional consequences of structural changes in genomes. He constructed the first map of copy-number variants in rat and showed their effect on gene expression. Fascinated by structural plasticity of mammalian genomes, he combines his bioinformatics expertise and recent technological advances, such as high-throughput sequencing, to investigate dynamics of genome changes in populations and individual organisms. He is involved in several projects studying small- and large-scale genome structure variations in human and laboratory rat populations. Victor is currently a faculty member of Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) and was the head of bioinformatics at Hubrecht Institute until summer 2012.

    At ERIBA, Victor’s research is focused on studying changes of structural genome variation and its role in ageing.

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