Anatomy receives 220,000 euro from the Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland for further development of virtual dissection room

20 September 2017

The development and use of digital resources is rapidly increasing throughout society. This also applies to education. New visualization technologies such as augmented Reality (AR) and virtual Reality (VR) will play a major role in society in the near future, and this will include the domains of instruction, education, and training. Two years ago, the Anatomy Section in collaboration with the VR company VIEMR started designing the biomedical education of the future, that is, higher education that can make use of AR-and VR-visualization.

We are therefore delighted that the Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland and the Province of Groningen are contributing to the development of an innovative and interactive e-learning platform for anatomy, with which anatomical specimens can be studied in 3d and in 360 degree mode. The granted 219.400 Euro will allow the development of a product with the potential to become available for biomedical students and healthcare professionals worldwide. The body bequest that makes the anatomical specimens possible will thus have an even greater use and impact in biomedical training and after-schooling than is already the case. The work within the project relates to innovation of visualization technology, improvement of the didactic platform, safeguarding of a shielded environment accessible only to authorized users, and dissection and subsequent visualization of multiple high-quality anatomical specimens that together represent the whole human body.

Janniko Georgiadis

Anne van Gaalen


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