Funding for research into Multiple sclerosis.

20 July 2018

Researchers Prof. dr. Bart Eggen, dr. Wia Baron and colleagues have received two grants worth 160,000 euros for further research into Multiple sclerosis (MS). Professor Eggen received from the Stichting MS Research 60,000 euro for a pilot. With the help of new analysis techniques in the field of gene expression and isolation of cell nuclei from frozen MS tissue, it is attempted to find new connecting points that can lead to new medication that can bring MS to a halt.

During the ArenA MoveS day last July 9, researchers Drs. Inge Werkman, Dr. Wia Baron, Dr. Susanne Kooistra and Prof. dr. Bart Eggen of the MS Centre Noord Nederland received a cheque of 100,000 euro. With the MS Out-of-the-Box Grant, the MS Centre North Netherlands aims to identify, by using innovative techniques, the very first changes in brain tissue leading to MS. With as an ultimate goal a better understanding of the origin of MS.

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