Bachelor/Master/PhD programmes

The Department of Neuroscience has several programmes for Bachelor, Master and PhD students pursuing a career in science.

[[Bachelor and master students

The Department of Neuroscience encourages applications from bachelor and master students who wish to pursue an internship in one of the Neuroscience laboratories. All students from a biomedical, biotechnological, medical, or pharmaceutical programme at a University or University of Applied Sciences (‘Hogeschool’) are welcome. Prospective students are invited to explore the Neuroscience website to learn about the different activities of our department, read the list of available internships and motivate their interest for their choice in their application. Although some short-term internships may be available, we prefer rotations of at least 5 months. If you think you have a good idea for an internship, please let us know and contact the projectleader of your choice.]]

[[PhD students

The Department of Neuroscience offers an exciting environment to pursue a PhD degree in Medical Sciences and aims to train PhD students to become independent, creative and multi-skilled scientists. Students devote most of their time to their own research project and will be enriched by and will benefit from the complimentary research activities in neighbouring laboratories. A large variety of courses, all taught in English, is available for PhD students to acquire additional skills.

A PhD degree from one of the laboratories of the Department of Neuroscience will optimally prepare students for the next phase in their University or professional career. PhD students will be enrolled in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences and defend their thesis at the University of Groningen. PhD projects in the Department of Neuroscience typically last 4 years.


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