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Registration status: as of November 21 2016 registration is closed.

Body donation is fundamental for the progress of medical science and education. While in the past bodies were not always collected with the owner’s consent, in many countries today body donation is voluntary by law. Dutch law dictates that potential donors may register at a Dutch university, usually the closest one. To give the families of the donors a place to commemorate their loved ones, the staff of the Section of Anatomy arranged a memorial place at the Yarden Crematorium Groningen. Please read the rules for acceptance(Dutch only).


People who donate their bodies contribute to the broadening of medical knowledge and to the training of medical professionals.
Education: Through the Section of Anatomy, medical students can understand the structure of the human body. Surgeons also visit the section for anatomical education focused on surgical procedures, and other medical specialists visit this section for particular trainings. Students can practice and improve their surgical skills in a realistic setting.
Research: The Section of Anatomy helps understand the precise structure of the human body and develop new treatments and surgical procedures.
Mission: To deliver a significant contributio
n to education and research and to implement and respect the last wishes of the deceased.]]

Memorial monument for those who donated their body at the Yarden cemetery

[[ Donation

The Groningen Body Donation Programme accepts registrations from all parts of the Netherlands; however, registrations from the Northern provinces (Groningen, Drenthe, Friesland, Overijssel) have the priority. Prospective donors are urged to consult their families and to carefully consider their choice. Also, they should be aware that there are several limitations that apply and that can prevent registration and acceptation. (Please also see ‘registration status’ and ‘conditions for acceptation’.) Body donation and organ donation are two distinct things and should not be confused. Nevertheless, in Groningen body donation may be compatible with organ donation depending on the state of the body after the organs have been harvested.]]

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