Neuroimaging Center

The Neuroimaging Center (NiC) facilitates functional brain research and provides equipment for 3T MRI scans, electroencepholography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). We support data acquisition and analysis of our clients from the UMCG, RuG, and other parties, including clinical research organisations. Although our focus is functional brain research we also do provide MRI scan slots for clinical studies including neurosurgery, cardiology and nephrology and we collaborate with the department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology to support integration with the institute of Medical Imaging.


The NIC provides work space for staff members and PhD students from departments of the UMCG, and the faculties of Arts and Psychology, and is a popular site for writing of a thesis and for science electives of bachelor and master students.


  1. [Present your project at the Activation Meeting (AM) in an early state of the project. The AM takes place in odd weeks on Tuesdays from 16-17 hrs in room -129 in the basement of our building, Antonius Deusinglaan 2. EEG proposals need to be presented during the EEG meeting, in room 0332A 3rd floor ADL2 every last Tuesday of the month.
    At these meetings you can present your concept proposal and get feedback on it; the aim, design and volunteer/patient selection criteria etc.
    To schedule your presentation please contact Hedwig van Oosten, or tel. +31 50 361 64 44.
  2. After the AM submit a short summary of the project, two A4-pages, to Hedwig van Oosten.
    A TC Summary Blueprint for fMRI , and a Blueprint for EEG can be downloaded here.
    The summary will be discussed in the theme-coordinators meeting (TC). Your proposal will then be reviewed much like a scientific paper: The scientific director of the NIC will appoint 1 or 2 independent scientific reviewers and ask them to evaluate your proposal.
    Please propose up to 5 suitable independent reviewers when submitting your proposal. You will then have a chance to address the questions/issues raised by the reviewers, and your reply will be sent back to the reviewers. Based on the reviewers’ second report, the scientific director will send you an action letter stating under what conditions you can use the facilities. If the committee accepts your proposal you can send your protocol to the Medical Ethical Committee (METc).
    The scientific director, based on the reviewers report, will also determine the priority of the project.
  3. After receiving the letter of approval from the METc, please send a copy of the approval to Hedwig van Oosten, NIC, Internal Zipcode FA32, Antonius Deusinglaan 1, 9700 AD Groningen.
  4. After sending the METC approval you can can contact Anita Kuiper to plan MRI-time or Peter Albronda to plan EEG-time.



3 Tesla MR-scanner
The NIC has a 3 Tesla Philips Intera MR-scanner. Most of the fMRI research is done with either the 6- or 8-channel SENSE head-coil. There is also a T/R head-coil available which is used in combination with the MR-compatible EEG-system and for most of the spectroscopy research. To present visual stimuli to the subjects a beamer in combination with a PC is installed. The forp-system is used to synchronize and integrate the MR-data acquisition with the stimulus presentation and the response of the subject. There is also an MR-compatible eyetracker and an MR-compatible force-transducer available. A dummy scanner is in place to train subjects and make them acquainted to the scanner environment.

EEG equipment
At the NIC we have two independent cabins available for the measurement of EEG.
The measurements are performed with a 64 channel EEG amplifier (brand and type: TMSI Refa8-64 / 72). The registration and analysis of the EEG data is done with Brain Products software.
As a standard stimulus software we are using E-prime but in consultation with the EEG technician also other software environments such as Matlab can be used.

The EEG labs operate according to a set protocol made by the NIC so that quality and reliability be maintained.


We are equipped with two NIRS machines and we are equipped to simultaneously measure NIRS and EEG. The 32 channel EEG caps are suitable for TMS stimulation.
Our NIRS mobile (NIRX Medical technologies) can be used both indoors and outdoors. For example, one can measure brain response while biking, walking or doing some other sport.

TMS equipment
The NIC has two fully equipped TMS-labs with a MagStim Rapid stimulator and a Medtronic MagPro 100 stimulator. Five coils are available: two figure-of-eight coils, a round coil, a placebo coil and an MRI-compatible coil.

The NIC is also equiped with a weak field TMS ( microTMS) machine.

Data analysis facilities
For data analysis around 50 PC’s running both LINUX and Windows are available.



Neuroimaging Center
Internal Zipcode FA32,
Antonius Deusinglaan 1,
9700 AD Groningen

For information you can contact Hedwig van Oosten, telephone +31 50 361 64 44.


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