Research participants

Voluntary research participants

We are always looking for healthy volunteers (18–80 years) who are willing to participate in one of our ongoing investigations.

Have you always wanted to know how the research process works? Would you like to see the inside of an MRI scanner? Would you like to see the activity of your brains on the computer during an EEG? Please read the following descriptions: EEGmeasurement(Dutch) and fMRIscan(Dutch).

 You can sign in on a voluntary basis for our research projects. If you fit into any of our ongoing investigations, we will send you more information. You can decide later whether or not to participate. You typically receive compensation for your participation. If you are interested to participate in one of our projects and want more information, call 050 3616444 or send an email to Hedwig van Oosten.

Current projects:

[[ A treatment study for Apathy


[[The neural basis of Apathy


For more information please read the patientfolder (Dutch only)


[[A treatment study for ApathyII

For this project we need participant for two different studies. More information about TMS/BAT can find here(Dutch, information about the study with tDCS here(Dutch).]]

[[Mechanisms of relapse prevention in depression


For more information please visit 


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