Henk Heidekamp Msc.

Henk Heidekamp has an MSc in Toxicology and Nutrition from the Open University of the Netherlands located in Heerlen. In his career he gained a vast experience working in laboratory environment. Before joining the department as Managing Director in the spring of 2010, he performed similar duties at the Department of Genetics of the UMCG. At the Department of Neuroscience, Heidekamp is responsible for a vast and broad range of activities, from financial and human resource management to the supervision of the daily activities of the institute.

Mallikarjuna Gurram PhD
Research Officer
Mallik Gurram joined Research Development Office (RDO) in September 2018. His primary role is to assist scientists and other research personnel with securing research grants to pursue their scientific activities at the departments of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and Systems (BSCS) and the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA). This includes drafting, editing, and management of grant proposals. Further he takes part in the departmental outreach activities. Before joining ERIBA, he obtained a PhD degree in Applied Physics at the University of Groningen. His previous research focused on spintronics in two-dimensional materials.
Bettie van der Ploeg
Staff assistant NiC
Nina Kool
Research Development Office assistant
Nina Kool joined ERIBA in August 2015 as a secretary and since September 2018 as a Research Development Office (RDO) assistant; working with the Research Officers to support scientists of the departments of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and Systems, and the Biology of Ageing in raising funds to pursue their scientific activities.
Wytze Hogewerf B.A.Sc
Staff Assistant
Harry Moes
Staff assistant
Trix van der Sluis-Rozema
Secretary Medical Physiology
Greetje Hollander
Secretary Anatomy
Hedwig van Oosten
Secretary NIC/ Cognitive Neuropsychiatry