PhD student

Emma Gerrits Msc.

Position PhD student
Research fields
  • Research Profile
  • Title: Microglia phenotypes in neurodegenerative diseases and aging

    Project: My project is focused on the role of microglia in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Microglia exert many functions in the brain, resulting in a whole spectrum of microglial phenotypes. Several functions of microglia are associated with the immune system, where microglia function as macrophages and secrete cytokines. To study their role in Alzheimer’s Disease I work with human post-mortem brain tissue obtained from the Dutch Brainbank, from which we isolate microglia. In order to further elucidate microglia phenotypes in this disease paradigm, I focus on plaque-associated microglia and transcriptomics.

    Funding: AbbVie

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