PhD student

Saskia Nijmeijer MSc.

Position PhD student
Research fields
  • Research Profile
  • Title: Learning to preserve: foreign language training as a cognitive ‘vaccine’ to prevent old-age disorders?

    Project description: It is thought that bilingual elderly have certain cognitive advantages over monolingual elderly. However, there is some debate about whether these advantages actually exist and how they can arise from bilingualism. The aim of my project is to get a better understanding of the advantages of bilingualism. To achieve this aim, a foreign language will be taught to old aged adults to study whether a bilingual experience has an effect on cognition, affect, depressive symptoms and on well being. If the advantages of bilingualism exist and even occur after a relatively short bilingual experience, foreign language learning could serve as an important tool towards healthy ageing.

    Funder:  The project is made possible by a grant from the Young Academy Groningen (YAG).

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