The Department offers several tools that are available to the public and are free to use.

[[Glossary for lectures in Evolution and Medicine

This downloable reference provides students with a quick glossary for lectures in Evolution and Medicine. Definitions and explanations have been selected from several textbooks (notably Stearns
and Hoekstra, Evolution, an introduction, Oxford, 2000 as well as Freeman and Herron, Evolutionary analysis, Pearson, 2004), dictionaries and other
sources, and edited at points by Jon Laman. Extensive listings and explanation of evolutionary terms and further reading can be found at .


[[Glia Open Access Database

The generation of a large number of glial cell gene expression studies led us to develop the Glia Open Access Database (GOAD) [Holtman et al (2015)]. In GOAD, glial cell gene expression studies datasets can be compared, analyzed and visualized without the need for extensive bioinformatics knowledge or expertise. The challenge to incorporate newly published glial datasets led us to the development of a new version that enables faster accessibility to new datasets and easier interpretation of the generated analysis results. The website can be accessed via


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