Education at ERIBA

Research in ERIBA is strongly connected with education and training of the future generation of Biology-of-Aging researchers. ERIBA aims to be “the place to be” for the best students by offering comprehensive training in some of the Biology-of-Aging laboratories in the world. We have developed a cutting‐edge graduate curriculum in Aging biology in which students will be exposed to a wide variety of model systems and approaches. The extensive training experience of the international faculty at ERIBA in other Research Institutes world-wide ensures an optimal educational education and research environment.

+Undergraduate students

ERIBA welcomes applications from undergraduate (pre-BSc and MSc) students who wish to pursue an internship in one of the ERIBA labs. Students would typically be enrolled at a biomedical, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical or bioinformatic Program at their home University or University of Applied Sciences (“Hogeschool”). Prospective students are invited to explore the ERIBA website to explore the different research teams that operate within ERIBA, and motivate in their application the interest for the lab of their choosing. Although some short-term internships may be available, we prefer rotations that last for 5 months or longer.

+PhD Students

ERIBA offers an exciting environment to pursue a PhD degree in the Biology of Ageing. We aim to train PhD students to become independent, creative, multi-skilled scientists. Students devote most of their time to their own research project, but will be enriched by and benefit from the complimentary research activities in neighboring labs. A large variety of courses, all taught in English, is available for PhD students to acquire additional skills. A PhD degree from one of the ERIBA labs will optimally prepare students for the next phase in their University or corporate career. PhD students in ERIBA will be enrolled in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences and defend their thesis at the University of Groningen. PhD projects in ERIBA typically will last 4 years

+Postdoctoral fellows

We are always searching for outstanding postdoctoral candidates with a proper training in molecular or cell biology who wish to solve scientific questions in aging science. We encourage postdoctoral candidates to directly contact one of the ERIBA Principle Investigators to explore job opportunities.

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